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Repair. Maintenance. Bodywork. Since 1989 


Our Services

All the services offered by Fullyloaded Cars can be found on this page.


Full resprays, Body kits, Custom build, Car restoration, Accident repairs (road and motorsport), Car fabrication, Vehicle maintenance, In car entertainment, Fleet servicing and Vehicle Maintenance.


Our professional team at Fully loaded Cars are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding a project or a service we provide. Head over to our 'Contact' section and fill out the form! 

Full Resprays


Our individually tailored resprays are second to none, renowned for their deep and quality finish. In order to achieve these high standards, we remove all windows and trims and correct any imperfections in the vehicle bodywork at no extra cost to our customers.


All our paintwork is hand-Finished to guarantee a perfect finish.


We can also offer complete colour changes, chrome resprays and custom paint resprays

Custom Builds

If you have a dream car in mind or even want to build a car that no one has, then Fullyloaded Cars is your answer!


We can create for you, a truly unique styling conversion that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, or restore your pride and joy to its original former glory.


The prices on custom builds tends to varies as it all depends on what you want for your vehicle.


Fleet Management


We have over 15 years of experience in Fleet servicing and body shop repairs.


We work with various business, VGC Group, Cole Hire and more, take a look at the 'client' section for more!


If you have a fleet servicing or repair contract you would like to discuss with us, please send us a message on our contact form, located in the 'Contact' section.

In Car Entertainment

We have our own in house expert electrician who can install anything you want in your vehicle. 


From a sound system in your vehicle, a simple stereo install with speakers and sub-woofers, or if you prefer something more outrageous we can fit TV screens, games consoles and even iPads.


Furthermore, if you want a custom boot install we can take your car, design and build a complete boot install from scratch. We can cater for complex designs to simple modifications to your existing interior to meet your needs.


Custom Fabrication


Fully loaded Cars can provide you with a custom fabrication service to meet your needs.


This can be creating a wide arch bodykit entirely from sheet metal or creating a one off custom product etc.

Vehicle Restoration

Do you own a vehicle that has been long neglected or even stuck in your garage and has been totally forgotten?


We at Fully loaded Cars can help you restore new life to your pride and joy and give it a new lease of life again. 


For more information and pricing for this particular service please call or email us.


Body Kits


If you require a body kit that needs fitting or supplied, then we at Fully loaded Cars can help. We can also provide custom body kits to meet your needs. Most of our kits are made in house.


All our kits are made to the highest standards and we only use the best material. In addition if you have an existing body kit that is damaged, we at Fully loaded Cars can help you repair it as well. For more information and prices on body kits, please call or email us.

Accident Repair

Involved in a road traffic accident or even a Motorsport collision?


Not to worry, the team at Fully loaded Cars can help you repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, privately or through your insurance. 


We also work closely with various motorsport teams to bring their vehicles back to pre-race condition. Speak to a member of our team about your accident.

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